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Public Convenience Solutions [Bio Toilets]

More than 60% of India’ 130 Million burgeoning population has no access to toilets in their homes or outside in general. Considering a family needs access to at least one toilet, India currently needs a minimum of 25 Million toilets to be built.

Bio-Toilets designed and provided by ARTS Alive Foundation are modular in nature and available in CKD Kits, which are easily transportable and get in set up in a matter of hours. The Bio-Toilet Superstructure is made up of double walled fibre glass material which is weather proof and vandal resistant. The bottom pit is connected to a new indigenous technology of bio-digestion method, using Vermiculture and Bacterial culture, which decomposes human faecal waste in a single pit faster than other conventional decomposing methods. The bio-digested matter is converted to manure, which can be used as a natural compost, for which there is a sizable demand.

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