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MyPET Multifaceted PET Bottle Recycling CSR Project

Adverse Impact of PET

Production of 10 Lakh Tons of PET in India annually & Only 1/3rd of it is recycled.   PET slippages primarily occur at the point of consumption (Malls, Railway stations and areas of high public footfall.)   Large land areas and water bodies lost to PET waste.

Existing PET recycling solutions are primarily industrial and in the unorganized sector, far away from PET waste generation and dependent on inefficient collection systems.

Also spurious elements use empty PET bottles, fill it with regular water and sell it as packaged water, which is a huge health hazard. PET Bottles are also re-used to sell Acid, Phenol & low grade cooking oil, post which even rag pickers will not pick them up. Which then finds itself into landfills causing huge environmental damage.

•  Environmental Impact

•  Human Live Impact

•  Animal & Aquatic Live Impact

Our Solution – ‘MyPET’

•  A Complete Retail PET Recycling Solution :

Aims to create a ‘highly penetrative retail recycling model’ to start at the point of consumption itself.

Machines to act as educational tools, for effecting behavioral change, on responsible PET consumption and also segregating dry and wet waste for efficient recycling.

Create Direct Employment, for people (especially women and other SHG’s) from marginalized sections of society. Explore tie-ups with ‘Microfinance Institutions to create opportunities for SHG’ to own the MyPET machines

Retail Recycling model for highly efficient PET recycling resulting in:-

Our Achievement so far…

1. Nominated to represent India at the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, for the ‘Leadership in Innovation Fellowship Program 2016’, which was a 2 week residential program held in London in March 2016.

2. Finalists, from over 19K social impact projects in the country, for the “Economic Times – Power of Ideas 2015’

3. Awarded as Entrepreneur Scholars at the Sankalp Forum 2014

4. Acknowledged and awarded the Stern Fisher “Startup India Funding Challenge 2013” for Innovation; Social Impact & Green Technology. Event aired on CNBC TV18 “Young Turks” program.