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Welcome To ARTS Alive Foundation

ARTS Alive Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust, was incorporated in Mumbai, with the Mumbai Charity Commissioner under registration no. E29758, dated 24th July 2013.

The primary objectives of ARTS Alive Foundation are:
• Meeting Educational & Training needs of students from disadvantaged homes and people living at the Bottom of the Pyramid [BOP]
• Meeting Medical & Wellness needs of the poor and the down trodden
• Meeting Food and nourishment needs for families of lesser means
• Livelihood intervention for the young and financial empowerment of women
• Investments in New Age Social Impact Ventures or businesses that will create jobs and will be good for society as a whole, i.e. Setting up of Biogas Plants, which saves the environment; recycling of domestic waste, ensure permanent savings in land fill spaces; jobs for the under privileged etc.

Our Public Charitable Trust is open to applications from people from all caste; creed; orientations; genders; religions etc. We are not looking to support any particular group of people; just all people who need help to keep their bodies; souls & minds together and in turn who will pass on the good done to them to others like them in society. We are also an equal opportunity employer, and will look at people associating with us to think and work from the heart.